Our ABS Officers, and Task-Force members now have E-Mail.  This feature is hosted by Google and is automatically sent to our interactive site.

Here are the addresses:  

President  Ted Spangenberg, Jr. - president@baptistscouters.org

Executive Vice President  Alan Ashley -

Secretary/Newsletter  Merri Bolen - maddison@baptistscouters.org

Treasurer  Thomas Martin -

Chaplain  Rev. Sam Houston - shouston@baptistscouters.org

Regional Vice Presidents

     Southern  Kent Galyon - kgalyon@baptistscouters.org

     Northeast  Dr. George Alexander - galexander@baptistscouters.org

     Central  David Eslick - deslick@baptistscouters.org

     Western  Jim Julian - jjulian@baptistscouters.org

 Executive Committee

If you are an interested scouter or friend of scouting, and would like to be on our email list for updates and an electronic version of our newsletters please give us your email address on the comments page, or send it to:


We WILL NOT forward or sell your address to any other website or organization.

NOTE: We have up to date Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam software on our email server.

If you are an officer or taskforce member, please send an email to Webmaster@baptistscouters.org  to be added to this list.